Celebrity Plastic Surgery Previews


Kate Beckinsale Plastic Surgery Preview

Kate, you're beautiful. But here at DMS, we wanted to see if we could make the perfect, perfecter. So we gave you our "virtual" plastic surgery. Let's look at these virtual procedures:


Claire Danes Plastic Surgery Preview

Claire, you're gorgeous. In case anyone's wondering what Claire would look like if she:

a) lost 25 MORE pounds (girl is already skinny)
b) Rhinoplasty
c) Brow lift

Amy Adams Had Plastic Surgery?!

We know you can't get enough of seeing Amy Adams. If she were to get plastic surgery, what would she look it? Impossible to tell?


Isla Fisher Plastic Surgery Preview

Isla Fisher is cute as a button. Tiny little nose. Great skin.

Emma Stone Plastic Surgery Preview ?!

It's hard to improve on Emma, but we shed 10 more impossible pounds off for her and "gave" her a virtual microderm abrasion, browlift, and permanent eyeliner.


Christian Bale Plastic Surgery Preview

Christian, you're so hunky. Why would you even think about altering that temple you call a face? Well, DMS decided to find out what you would look like if you decided to go under the knife.

Taylor Swift Plastic Surgery Preview

Yikes, Taylor. There's not much to improve upon.


Carrie Underwood Plastic Surgery Preview

Carrie Underwood is nearly perfect as she is but what would she look like if she went under the knife? DMS takes a look.


Liv Tyler Weight Loss Nightmare!?

Relax! This isn't real. This is a concept on how Liv Tyler might look if she lost 60 pounds. We just wanted to see.

Liv Tyler is alive and healthy. Here is the original photo.


Amy Adams Plastic Surgery Preview

Here's how Amy Adams might look if she had the following procedures:


Jessica Alba Plastic Surgery Preview ?!

Jessica doesn't need any help but we gave her bigger lips, a giraffe neck, wider eyes, and rhinoplasty.


Christina Hendricks Plastic Surgery Preview?!

We stretched your neck like a giraffe. This virtual plastic surgery doesn't look too far from the original. Let's face it. Christina has great bone structure.